Paper Girls (issue #6)

Written by Brian K. Vaughan ; Art by Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson

Paper Girls trade paperback containing issues #1-5 is already out (was published on March 30, 2016), so go read it now! I will wait…

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I read Paper Girls as each issue was published from October 2015 to February 2016. Those first five issues contain the introductory arc of the series. It features girls who deliver paper for their town in the late 1980s. While on route at night, they encounter alien-like characters and a sentient machine. I will not go into detail, but by the very end of issue 5 we are left wondering, did these girls just travel through time?

Issue #6 picks up from the perspective of Erin Tieng on June 1, 2016. She is driving along and encounters three random girls on the road, one of which shares her name and scars. Older Erin takes it all fairly well and drives the girls to her house for their safety. I have absolutely no idea if I would take it in stride like Erin did. No, actually, I am certain I would freak out if I encountered a younger version of myself. Erin does show some concern, but she also expresses some reasons for not thinking it is the craziest thing she has ever seen in her life.

One of the best moments for me in this issue was when the girls were watching the big screen TV. They were not used to screens of that magnitude back in the 80s. The reader can see four turtles dressed like ninjas on the TV screen and the announcer says, “…four brothers who hate bullies and love this city….In theaters this Friday.” The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows comes out tomorrow! I absolutely loved this detail and accuracy of the real world within a fictional world that is collapsing and wreaking havoc upon humans.

I am excited about how strong this second arc has begun and I can’t wait to see what Brian K. Vaughan has in store for these young ladies in the future…and the past.