Update with NaNoWriMo

This November, I started out strong on a National Novel Writing Month adventure! I have this story about a girl, Eri, who wants to travel and explore with her dragon. She leaves with her friend, Argun and his dragon, to the Great Mountains where a disaster occurred a year before the main story line. I am excited to see where these characters take me, as I have no true plot in place. I typically have my entire plot planned out. This year, I have two humans and two dragons telling me what is happening in their world. Yes, the dragons can talk telepathically. I can’t wait until they run into the dwarfs, which they should be doing soon.

I have not been as consistent with NaNoWriMo as I would like, which shouldn’t be a surprise to my followers, given my regular hiatuses. I would say my problem this year has been the lack of defined plot; however, I have had to deal with the passing of my Grandfather last week. This caused me to put my book on hold. I have at least managed to write a few hundred words or so since his passing.

I was told today by a co-worker to keep writing and find ways to get my name out there for publication. He doesn’t usually encourage me with my writing, but he is an avid reader. I appreciated his words. So, here I am writing an update on my blog as a way to keep moving forward.

I hope to get another book or comic review out to y’all again soon. I have been catching up on many of my comics lately. The latest comic I read is Scales & Scoundrels. This comic, published by Image, is a fantasy story about a ragtag group searching for gold. It is fun and enjoyable. There are only 3 issues out so far. I will recommend that to y’all for now!