While I have failed to write any reviews in the past couple of months, my life has not been devoid of reading and writing. For national poetry month, April, I have been writing a poem a day. These poems include free form, haiku, and others.

I also participated in a prayer writing class at my church during Lent. That was a neat experience. I learned a lot about the structure of prayers and how each style works for the situation that it is needed. My favorites were collects, which are short prayers dedicated to a specific theme. The theme permeates the poem and is great to use as an opening prayer for a service, or simply as a short prayer alone.

Here is one of the first ones I wrote for the class:

Come Holy Spirit,

You are the everlasting fire upon our shoulders. Purify us from our negativity and our sins, so that we may live more fully in the warmth of your love.

Thanks be to God, the Refiner of our souls. Amen.

The basic form of a collect is: address to God (a name), characteristic (who He is), petition (request), result (“so that” something happens only He can accomplish), doxology (conclusion using another name along same lines as address).

Example of a poem I wrote in April:


Where are you going?

How far will you stray?

I’ll be here, waiting.



Don’t stray too far now.

You’re all I have left.

I am here, waiting.



You have now left me.

Have you traveled far?

I’m still here, waiting.

I hope to start back with some book and comic reviews in May!