Joyride (issue #2)



From issue #1

By Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly. Art by Marcus To.

After a strong start with issue #1, Joyride issue #2 feels a bit rushed in an attempt to round out all the plot lines that will be addressed and completed in the last two issues. On the other hand, I really enjoyed how the creators put these humans in a familiar environment (a mall) in an alien environment (outer space).

Now that our protagonists have escaped Earth, there are people who want them to return, most likely to be punished. This major plot point, introduced at the very beginning of the issue, will likely play a bigger role in issue #3. Special Interceptors are sent to retrieve any who escape Earth. And let’s just say one of Dewydd’s family members is going to be on the team to get them back…

In outer space, fearless Uma is causing havoc and the other two, Dewydd and Catrin are just trying to figure out their place in their new lives. The issue opens up with Uma stealing a treasure and running from cops in a huge alien mall. Honestly, the mall reminded me of Blue Heaven from Outlaw Star. It felt like a relaxing place for aliens from all across the universe to shop, eat, and drink. However, the large space mall in Joyride was a bit tidier, open, and full of cops (rather than outlaws). Right now, I am intrigued with Dewydd’s story. Catrin, the unfortunate Earthling who got wrapped up on this adventure, kept calling him 438. What does that mean? Why is he a number? I feel like this issue was partly for Dewydd and Catrin to determine, without a doubt, that this journey with Uma is worth taking.

There are many questions left to be answered and more adventures to unfold. I hope my posts have encouraged you to check it out now, or to at least pick it up when it comes out in graphic novel form. Overall, I enjoyed issue #2 and am eager to see what our protagonists encounter in issue #3!



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