Joyride (Issue 1 of 4)


By Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly. Art by Marcus To.

A brand new comic by Boom Studios came out last Wednesday (April 27, 2016) called Joyride. What a ride it was! Uma, a young lady who feels trapped in Earth’s dome, wants to explore outer space. Her dream is realized through a fantastical plan and her best friend, Dewydd, having a job that involves flights to the Moon.

Uma embodies all of my childhood dreams of space travel. I wish I had had even half of the drive she has. Uma has no fear. She confidently declares that she will be free to travel the universe and literally nothing can stop her from obtaining her goals. Dewydd seems to be more easy going and tends to follow the rules, but right now he is following Uma’s rules and would do anything for her. Their relationship, not quite romantic at this point, is beautiful. They seem to work well together as a team. I am excited to see how they develop as individuals and as partners on this journey through outer space.

Overall, this is a solid first issue. I love the art; it is well illustrated and stunningly colored. I am glad that Randy from my local comic shop, Excalibur, recommended this series to me, despite me telling him a while back that I already had enough series on my pull list. However, this series is worth it and I look forward to collecting the other three issues in the coming months!


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  2. […] a strong start with issue #1, Joyride issue #2 feels a bit rushed in an attempt to round out all the plot lines that will be […]


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